Richard Stauffacher

The underlying theme in Richard’s etchings is present throughout art and literature: celebration of the wonder shining through commonplace things, what we see everyday in the natural environment. “I have always gravitated toward contemplating beauty in the world of nature and always find a voice and a vision of it waiting there for me, when I seek it,” he explains.

After completing a BS degree in Fine Art (1975), he began making pen and ink drawings and watercolors. A year later he met an artist who did etchings. She introduced him to that medium, which he initially approached as a substitute for pen and ink. Quickly, he became absorbed in it for its own sake. He retained his interest in watercolor and has found that etching and watercolor are complementary. Many who view his etchings do not realize at first they they aren’t actually watercolors.

He was born in Arkansas in 1948, but grew up in the Congo and Kenya, as well as in the US, mostly in Arkansas. In 1986 he moved to Washington to take a position as master printer with a major print publisher. In ’93 he returned to Arkansas, where he and his wife Martha reside. His most recent work celebrates the rocklife of the Ozark Mountains in northwestern Arkansas.

Richard’s etchings are produced entirely by the artist. This includes etching the images into copper plates; inking, wiping and printing the plates, and the hand coloring with watercolor. They are printed on Rives BFK rag paper.