Jerry Faulkner Pottery


Ozark artist Jerry Faulkner creates her pottery in a charming old house in the heart of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Jerry returned to her native state after many years of city life in Houston, Texas. When asked how she got started in pottery, Jerry replied, ” I walked into the teacing studio and said , ‘Show me the wheel. I want to be a potter. ‘

The functional work is stoneware and is is mostly wheel thrown, while the decorative pieces are often hand built and more organic in design. Jerry says, ” I like using glazes that are intense but earthy–layering them over textured surfaces. The results are unpredictable and exciting.” The functional work is food safe and can go in the dishwasher, the microwave, and the oven. When using pottery in the oven, place it in a cool oven and allow the pottery to heat as the oven heats.