Margery Shore

Margery Shore and husband John moved to Farmington, Arkansas in 2005 from Baton Rouge, LA. While living there, she attended LSU to study Ceramic arts with Joe Bova and Linda Arbuckle. These 2 professors as-well-as numerous, wonderful visiting artists instilled a passion for all things creatively wrought. Their plethora of information, ideas, and techniques was the basis for forging students’ ideas into reality.

Although she resided in Southern Louisiana for 17 years, she is anchored to NWA through family, school and beauty. Her grandfather, “Lefty”, worked at the U of A Physical Plant for close to 30 years. Many of the buildings and senior walks bear his stamp. Both sister and father reside in Fayetteville as did her mother until she passed. She earned a bachelors degree and met her husband at the U of A. While they attended college, the couple planned an eventual return to NW Arkansas to be around family and the beauty of the area.

Marge primarily works in majolica.  Majolica is a ceramic process taking  bisque terra cotta clay and applying a tin opacified (white) glaze as a base for painting over glazes and oxides to produce detailed images on the ware.