Teresa Chard



Teresa Chard comes from a long line of Arkansas artists. She has been involved with arts and crafts from the time she was born. Her Great grandfather was editor and owner of the newspaper in Mulberry Ar and her grandparents Paul and Pauline Cox, from Huntsville Ar, were white oak basket makers and woodcarvers that exhibited in the War Eagle craft fair in the late 50’s,  60’s and 70’s. Her Grandmother, Pauline, had 2 different gift shops in Huntsville that sold many local artist’s work in the 60’s. As a small child, Teresa helped her grandparents with their booth at the War Eagle Arts and Craft show and would spend hours looking at all the wonderful art and crafts for sale!  She tagged along as her grandmother took many of the art seminars they had at War Eagle. Her favorite was a wood carving class taught by the famous Cherokee wood carver Willard Stone of Locust Grove OK.  She would often help her grandfather harvest the wood he used to make those white oak baskets and the walnut they would carve into beautiful figures.

     But it was her mother, Sandy, who started her on the life long love of rocks that she has today. From the time she can remember they would spend hours hunting fossils and pretty rocks up and down the hills of Northwest Arkansas. Her mother found a really pretty flint rock with a bulls eye in the center. They took it to E. B. Jones, a local lapidary from Huntsville. Teresa watched as he transformed that rock into a beautiful piece of jewelry. She was hooked! “Someday that’s what I want to do!!” thought 7 year old Teresa.”
     All these influenced Teresa to form a deep and life long love of things local and handmade.  Teresa started creating her own unique art when she was in her 30s with miniature  cabins that were made with materials she found in the woods surrounding her home in Wesley.  They were made with barn wood, bark, mushrooms, grass stems, seed pods, acorns,  lichen, rocks, dried flowers ECT… In the 1990s the newspaper The Morning news printed a story about her cabins titled “Tiny Rooms To Rent” by Abby Burrnett.
     She did several kinds of art before finally starting on the path she had dreamed of as a child, making jewelry with cool stuff she had found. She makes jewelry from rocks, minerals, fossils and other materials like antler, bone, sea shells, buttons, found objects, any thing she thinks is cool or unique.  Then in 2008 the Morning News, ran a 2nd article titled “History comes to Life for a Hindsville Artist”  written by Becca Bacon Martin about Teresa’s unique style of jewelry and being an artist at the Sharp Show at War Eagle following in her grandparents footsteps.
     Her husband, Craig Chard-Hickman joined her a few years ago cutting and polishing a lot of the stones she uses in her work today.  Together they form Chard’s Design. They specialize in fossils like Dinosaur bone, coral, petrified wood, natural picture stone, and art pieces that tells a story. 
     They hope you enjoy their art work as much as they enjoy creating it!